Confident detection of 2 diseases with 1 test

ImmuView® S. pneumoniae and Legionella is the only Antigen test able to identify both S. pneumoniae and Legionella  at the same time – with just one test

Quick, accurate and easy diagnosis is vital because S. pneumoniae is a leading cause of community acquired pneumonia. And Legionella causes costly hospital and ICU admissions. Not only that, the symptoms are difficult to tell apart – a huge challenge, as the treatment for each disease is different. 

As Easy as 123

Get results fast in 3 simple steps

Introduce sample

Add the sample to the test tube

Add buffer

Add the running buffer
and whirl gently

Insert test

Insert the test and wait
just 15 minutes

See how easy it is with ImmuView®

Why test for 2 diseases in 1 go?

  • Similar symptoms – different treatment
  • Correct diagnosis and treatment to improve patient outcome
  • Identify double infections in patients
  • Detect Legionnaires’ – deadly for 10% and on the rise globally


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The following countries have national guidelines which recommends testing for Pneumococcus and Legionella. Download or read the guidelines below.

Store at room temperature. Expiry date is printed on the package.


Article number Product Number of tests Packing
95389 ImmuView® S. pnemoniae and L. pneumophila Antigen Test 22 1 box
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