ImmuView® & SSI Diagnostica

As an important part of SSI Diagnostica A/S, ImmuView® is a range of rapid antigen tests for pulmonary infections, including pneumonia, RSV and Legionnaires’ disease.

Over many decades, we have earned a reputation as a reliable, flexible supplier of quality products and expert technical support.

Today, our mission is to make micro-biomedical diagnostics as fast, reliable and easy to use, not only for the benefit of patients but also for society. To achieve this, we work closely with our customers and users to provide innovative solutions which promote rapid workflows for clinicians and help prevent worldwide resistance to antibiotics.

Extensive Quality Assurance

SSI Diagnostica takes pride in ensuring the best quality in both our production facilities and finished products, as well as in our customer service and in providing instruction in the use of our products.

SSI Diagnostica’s development, production and sale of in vitro diagnostics is quality controlled and certified in accordance with ISO 13485. Products that fulfil the requirements of Council Directive 98/79/EEC of 27 October 1998 on in vitro diagnostic medical devices are CE-certified.

When we develop a new product, we always spend the time required to ensure that we launch efficient and user-friendly products to our customers. This means that our products have always been subject to field tests prior to being launched. When we sell a product, we offer training courses, to ensure the best understanding and use of our products.

Our customers’ opinions and experiences with our products mean a lot to us, as this is how we best develop and improve our products and procedures. Therefore, all inquiries, all praise and blame from our customers and users are registered and actively used.

Modern and Flexible Production

SSI Diagnostica is a production company with modern production facilities and with a general focus on high quality.

SSI Diagnostica produces substrates, reagents, antisera, antibodies and diagnostic kits, etc. All production takes place in advanced production facilities with competent employees and is based on the latest knowledge and know-how in the field.

Modern and automated production facilities enable us to manufacture a range of products in large quantities and to high, uniform quality. Here, we produce the plates for Flexicult and the cultivation media for serotyping.

The production of microbiological products to be dropped in microgram measurements requires high precision and we have, therefore, invested in a high-quality production plant to ensure this requirement is fulfilled.

In addition to standardized products, we also offer flexible production of niche products, tailormade to specific customer wishes and needs.

Therefore, at SSI Diagnostica, no order is too large nor too small.

Sales, Distribution and Customer Service

Sales are made through our own sales organization. To ensure that our customers receive the best advice possible, all our sales representatives have a professional background with extensive experience in microbiological laboratory work.

SSI Diagnostica itself distributes sampling materials, indicators and kits from approved suppliers to laboratories and general practices and, in future, we will expand our portfolio of high quality merchandise that matches the rest of our product range and for which there is a demand.

Exports are made either directly to the customer or through an established distributor network, which we develop and improve continuously. New distributors are selected according to their ability to perform qualified and competent sales of our products.

We strive to constantly provide our customers with the best service and safe delivery. Our competent and experienced team of service staff is always ready to receive and track orders and enquiries. Deliveries of products are made using transport companies, own vehicles, by Post Nord or as otherwise agreed with the customer. Fast and secure deliveries of stock items, both domestically and abroad, is a major SSI Diagnostica focus area.

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