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Diagnose with confidence

ImmuView® S. pneumoniae and L. pneumophila
Urinary Antigen Test 

  • Two results with one easy test

  • Confident diagnosis – initiate the course of actions based on clear insight

  • Quick results – Results in only 15 minutes

Deliver rapid results
with minimum effort

An effective addition to the lab technician’s toolkit, ImmuView®:

  • Requires no special training

  • Consists of a simple 3-step process – which takes less than a minute

  • Takes up limited lab space 


Now, without any special equipment, you can detect S. pneumoniae and Legionella with just one test.


The test delivers results for S. pneumoniae and Legionella in just 15 minutes. Using a minimum of time and space in the lab.


With ImmuView® you get clear insight from the beginning, thereby improving diagnostics.

A range of fast, reliable Antigen tests

ImmuView® Reader

  • Build-in LIS/LIMS integration for a smooth transfer of test results!
  • Remove subjectivity – get the same results every time.
  • Easy interface – simply insert strip and press test
  • Superior software – additional tools for further in-depth assay analysis

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(Not cleared for sale in the US)

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